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Our Story

Pub & Eatery
Est. 2021

Nestled in the heart of Prague, The Three Fiddles

Irish Pub is a charming destination with a beer garden, perfect for enjoying Irish brews in the sun. You can also reserve our private "síbín" for intimate parties. With an extensive selection of beers, whiskies, and warm hospitality, we're your home away from home in Prague. Sláinte!


We Are Open for Private Events

Welcome to The Three Fiddles, your premier choice for hosting private events in Prague. We are excited to announce that our pub is available for all your special occasions, be it birthdays, corporate gatherings,  or any other event you have in mind. Our centrally located establishment offers a cozy ambiance, a delectable menu, and an extensive beverage selection to ensure your event is truly unforgettable. Our dedicated team is committed to tailoring the menu to your preferences and providing impeccable service to make your private event a seamless success. Contact us today to book your next private event at The Three Fiddles and discover the magic of our venue.

Let's create cherished memories together!

Contact Us to Learn More

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